GigaMedia Launched Mobile Game Senran Kagura: New link in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 3, 2019 -- GigaMedia Limited (NASDAQ: GIGM) announced that a new mobile game Senran Kagura: New Link is officially released for iOS and Android devices on April 2, 2019. GigaMedia has exclusive rights to operate Senran Kagura: New Link in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.


The game was developed by Honey∞Parade Games, a subsidiary of Marvelous Inc., a famous Japanese game developer.


Senran Kagura: New Link is one of the popular Senran Kagura series. In the main scheme of this role-playing game, the player assumes the role of an instructor of ninja maidens, teaming them up to fight through tournaments for winning the title of “Ninja Master”. As a card battle game, the gameplay of Senran Kagura: New Link works by building and refining a deck of cards for battles, and extra ninja techniques can be triggered with certain combination. Like prior sequels of this series, the maiden’s outfits, accessories and hairstyles can be changed to the player’s liking, and players can obtain those various outfits and accessories through Gachapon, or random payouts of capsule toy machine, in the game. And this sequel also keeps one of the most favorable features in Senran Kagura series that the interaction with characters of maidens becomes intimate as the game progresses.


Senran Kagura: New link is a Japanese card battle game, targeting a niche audience that loves the series. With a higher expected pay rate and ARPU, we believe it is a strong title and will bring in an attractive amount of revenues.




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